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Egyptian Internet Revolution through Pictures

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Yellow Tree House Restaurant
The restaurant, designed by Pacific Environment Architects, was constructed entirely through sourcing taken entirely from the Yellow Pages itself, which reflects its task of proving that the Yellow Pages can help people do just about anything. This Beautiful Yellow Tree House Restaurant located in New Zealand.

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The Stunning And Incredible Hanging Hotel in Trees And in a six sided Mirror Cube is made up of Plywood on the inside, and mirrored aluminum on the outside, the unit provides 360-degree views. This Hotel located in Sweden.Inside, amazingly enough, one finds a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room space split between two interior stories.

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Hertl Architekten of Austria (images by kurt hoerbst) reinvented this strange duplex shrouded in mysterious giant gray drapery, wrapped in enigmatic dark details, and ultimately inhabited inside a box-shaped enigma. It is really hard to see that kind of Building or Flat Wrapped in Fabrics This is absolutely Amazing

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This fantastic cliff-side residence in Thailand thrusts its occupants into the natural surroundings – forests on two sides, chiseled stone on the third and a sensational ocean view on the fourth. This structure by Original Vision (images by Marc Gerritsen) is composed of a series of linear levels that zig-zig horizontally across the landscape.

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2022 Qatar’s World Cup Stadiums

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Ferrari World Abu Dhabi unveils today its exciting attractions, designed to tell the Ferrari story, passion, excellence, performance and technical innovation to families and fans of all ages. More than 20 rides will offer thrills and amusement for a complete Ferrari experience. Opening on 4th November 2010.

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Family heirlooms, vintage clothes and boxes filled with antique jewelry all pronounce class, timeless elegance and old-fashioned values.

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