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The Breathing Chair is a project by Tatung University Department of Industrial Design graduate, Yu-Ying Wu. She continued Taiwan’s tradition of design excellence, winning a red dot design award for her “breathing” chair. The unique chair is inspired by plant cells. When a person sits on it, the chair collapses into a familiar shape, but when at rest, it resembles a block of airy tofu. A curious. playful design that is a great conversation starter.Wu claims that its innovative design allows the chair to adjust to the user’s weight and posture. Wu said that the chair is made of high-density foam plastic that is 100 percent environmentally-friendly.

post_yu-ying breathing-chair

Yu-Ying Wu chair

London-based designer Vladimir Rachev has created a range of cutlery called Soil, inspired by gardening tools. He reckons that soon we will be unable to associate our food with the earth. By creating cutlery inspired by gardening tools, designer wants to remind us of the origins of our food.

soil tool inspied cutlery


soil cutlery

Fashion Victim Mugs

Dec. 8, 2009 No Comments Posted under: design, Inspiration

fashion victims mugs

Designer Yael Kristal designed catering Fashion Victims, a vision of hip and trendy tableware. Mug stiletto heel, coffee cup or egg cup ringed corseted, these creations in white porcelain with gold accessories invite to our table the fashion trend.

fashion cups

fashion victims