Deep Discounts–What to Buy When

If you’ve ever wondered how some people score big when it comes to deep discounts, look no further. The truth is, it’s all about timing–knowing what to buy and when to buy it. For every item, from cars to clothing to Park n’ Fly, there is a season for maximum discounts. So, even you can be an expert shopper.

Let’s break it down by month to discover the deepest discounts that can save you money all year long.


By Month:


Post-holiday sales abound in January, so now is the time to shop and take advantage of the plunging prices. One of the surprising things that tend to be discounted in January is web hosting. You can check out quite a few coupon code websites for promotions. 

Some top finds in January include deep discounts on TVs, exercise equipment, and clothing. Air conditioners and small appliances are also heavily discounted now.


The month of love is also the month of boat deals. If you’ve ever considered buying a boat, this is the time to get the best bargain. But, if you’re more into motorcycles, February is the best month for that as well (unlike cars, which offer the best deals later in the year). Other items to buy for a steal include prom dresses, outdoor grills, and garden equipment.


With the worst of winter over, coats are the best bargain this month. Stock up in March for the rest of the season and for next year, especially if you have growing children. March is also great for crafters who are interested in nabbing a new sewing machine at a rock bottom price. And, this is the best month to invest in sports gear, like bikes and bike helmets.


April offers deep discounts on snow items, like snow blowers and winter tires. But it’s also spring cleaning time, so vacuum cleaners are at an annual low. April is also the best month to buy discounted office furniture and laptops.


Need a new mattress? May is your month. Considering how much time a person spends sleeping on their mattress, investing in quality at a great price is definitely a good idea. May is also the month of cooking, with small appliances on sale (think blender, ice cream maker, toaster, juicer, etc.) and cookware (like chef knives and cutting boards).


The weather is warm. June is the month to save money on entertaining and looking great. Dishware, tools, and hardware to make your living space polished and presentable, and gym memberships are deeply discounted now as well.


Get down to business in July with discounts on desktop computers and business suits. Another excellent find this month is furniture sales. You can revamp your home for less in July.


This is the perfect month to buy camping equipment at a discounted price. Patio furniture is also a steal right now, along with swing sets, as it’s getting to the end of the season. Of course, back to school sales will be in full swing toward the end of the month as well, so you can stock up on school and office supplies.


September is ideal for two deep discounts: big appliances and holiday airfare. If you are a planner, this is your month to save big. You can get rock bottom prices on holiday airfares by booking now. A little foresight can save you a ton of money.



This month marks the beginning of the car and RV discount season. Although many people know the best time to buy is the end of the year when it comes to automobiles (because dealers are receiving new models and trying to push the old ones out the door), a lot of the best options are gone by December. So, October is actually one of the best months to start the new car hunt.


Hello, black Friday! This month is a mega-shopping extravaganza when it comes to deep discounts. You will find sales on everything from toys to cooking supplies throughout November. Apart from holiday shopping, you will also find huge sales on trees, bulbs, and shrubs.


It may surprise you, but December is the best month to buy wedding dresses and wedding items, as winter is more of the off-season when it comes to weddings. Also, post-holiday sales will score you huge discounts on clothes, appliances, and tools.

Every month has its items offering deep discounts, and now you know what to buy when in order to save big throughout the year.